Chef at home

Our know-how, at your place

Experience a gastronomic culinary adventure without leaving the comfort of your home.

Our personal chef Eddy Münster offers you a symphony of flavors and delights that will awaken all your senses. Let yourself be transported on a unique gustatory journey, where each bite is a true enchantment. Reserve your personalized gastronomic moment now and discover the pleasure of having a chef at your home, for unforgettable moments.

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    The best establishment

    The best establishment we had the opportunity to taste during this confinement!
    We opted for the Mother's Day menu, everything was delicious and refined 🙂 in short, a delight


    Very fine and above all excellent

    Very fine and above all excellent wine pairing.
    I highly recommend! Sommelier at the top! Thank you for these discoveries!


    Our national pride!

    How sweet and good it is in this City and more so in this world to know that there remains isolated on our good old square in Jette a place that lives to the rhythm of respect for everyone.
    Respect for guests, respect for the vine, respect for food. A staff that no one can judge as they are masters of their art. Certainly quality has a price, but this one is really worth it. For the quality offered and in respect of those who make it.
    With or without our opinion, they already fly far beyond the eagles. They will go to the angels. Cheer !!!